- the easiest meditation and naturebased mental effect


High performance requires energy - a meditation in nature 

VR-Nature Brainpower™ gives the brain the break, peace and energy it needs to increase performance.

YOU and your employees high perform much better with VR-Nature Brainpower™

Use VR-Nature™ to reduce the risk of stress and burnout.

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A calming break

With VR-Nature Brainpower™ you get an ultra short break that increases your mental efficiency.

Make high-impact meditation accessible to everyone in the workplace with a pair of VR-goggles and our software - super easy.

Scientifically proven effect

Renewed brain energy

We know that high performance works best with ultra short and deep breaks.

VR-Nature Brainpower™ gives you the special meditative short break you need, through nature therapy.

Lean back, put on the goggles and choose VR-Nature Brainpower™.

You immediately feel the effects of deep breathing and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system - the body's natural recovery tool.

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The smart solution

Gives your business a smart break:

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Empower your business

with VR-Nature Brainpower™

Calming the brain

The brain is exhausted by constant work. We are built to perform, but cannot continue for long stretches without compromising on quality.

A nature break

Rest and tranquility retore the brain. The body is built for and functions best in a sustainable balance between workload and rest. That is why meditative breaks are essential.

Employee flow

By including VR-Nature Brainpower™ in the company, you signal an innovative profile that puts employee well-being and lifebalance in front.