Documented effect

Immersed in another world

When the patient sees VR-Nature™, they are immersed in a world of nature, which we know from scientific literature has a de-stressing and restorative effect.

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Just a view of a green area is enough to reduce recovery time for hospitalized patients. The list of evidence for nature's stress-reducing effects is long. Therefore, it makes sense to use VR-Nature™.


VR-Nature™ is based on knowledge of nature's effects on the autonomic nervous system. Founder and designer Thuri Kledal has in-depth knowledge of nature therapy and the importance of Shirin Yoku walks for our health. That is why the experiences in VR-Nature™ have been created with natural areas chosen for stress-relieving courses in nature.

  • Just 12 minutes of VR-Nature™ reduces levels of self-perceived and self-reported anger, anxiety, disorientation, sadness and exhaustion.

  • 77% of patients want to wear VR-Nature™ again at the next visit.

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